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Yaeger Development Services, LLC

We understand that a successful business needs a trusted partner to help it grow and succeed. Our mission is simple...always put the "Client First" in everything we do. We know that without clients we don't exist. Putting our clients in the forefront of everything we do brings a unique focus to meeting and exceeding expectations. 

When it comes to Commercial Real Estate there are many factors to consider. Let’s face it, this can be an overwhelming experience. At Yaeger Development Services, we pride ourselves in working at the pace of our clients and educating them along the entire process. 

Chris Yaeger

Our Services

Whether you are in need of selling, buying, or leasing Land, Office, Retail, Industrial, Multi-Family or Speciality Properties (hotels, apartments, marinas, etc) we have you covered. 

Our Services


Land refers to any undeveloped land. There are many classifications of land, such as Farm, Infill, Brownfield, etc.


Land can be tricky as there are many variables to look at before settling on a desired property.


There are many classifications of Office space. Those are:

  • Class A, Class B, & Class C. The classification largely depends on location and the surrounding market.

  • Class A are typically the best of them all in terms of looks and location

  • Class B may have great construction but in a less desirable market location, such as on a secondary road

  • Class C would be a building that may need work and in a very undesirable location


Retail can consist of many different uses such as Strip Centers, Mixed Use, Stand Alone, Out Parcels, and more.


Some may be anchored by a large retail operation such as Wal-Mart, Publix, or Lowes Home Improvement.


This type of property consists of typically apartments (low-rise, mid-rise, high-rise, garden)/ townhomes. The general purpose for this type of property is for investment whether owner occupied or not.


Industrial space comes in many different configurations depending upon use. You might have, heavy manufacturing, light assembly, flex warehouse, or distribution.

Specialty Properties

This type of commercial property is what doesn’t fit inside the above areas. Here are some examples of special purpose: Hotels, Churches, Bowling Alleys, Stadiums, Theaters, and much more.

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