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Advance School of Real Estate
Policies & Procedures Disclosure
For all Commercial Real Estate Classes

Advance School of Real Estate, LLC

3909 Townes Blvd, Terrell NC 28682


Date of Publication: 5/26/2023

Legal Name of Education Provider: Advance School of Real Estate, LLC - 1740

Name of Education Director: Chris Yaeger

Names of Full-Time Officials and Faculty: Chris Yaeger

Education Provider Certification:

Advance School of Real Estate, LLC is certified by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission. The Commission’s address is 1313 Navaho Drive, Raleigh, NC 27609. Any complaints concerning the Education Provider or its affiliated instructors should be directed in writing to the Commission. A link to the Complaint Form is provided on the Commission’s homepage (


Per Commission Rule 58H .0204, the Education Provider must provide each prospective student with a copy of the Education Provider’s Policies & Procedures Disclosure (PPD) prior to payment of any non-refundable tuition or fee. The PPD, which is required by the NC Real Estate Commission, outlines Education Provider policies plus the rights and obligations of the Provider and the student. A signed certification that a student received a copy of the PPD must be retained by the Provider.



Course Offerings Yaeger Development Services, LLC conducts annual Continuing Education course(s) needed to maintain a real estate license on active status.


Broker Continuing Education Courses


Purpose of the Continuing Education Program

The primary objective of the mandatory Continuing Education Program is to help assure that licensees possess the knowledge, skills, and competency necessary to function in the real estate business in a manner that protects and serves real estate consumers and the public interest. Per G.S.93A-38.5, brokers must complete eight (8) credit hours of instruction annually in subjects approved by the Commission in order to retain eligibility to actively engage in real estate brokerage. Per Commission Rule 58A .1702, the eight hours must be comprised of an Update course and four credit hours of elective courses.

Course Description(s)

Elective: CRE Transaction Lifecycle - The Basic Competencies - Course Code 1848. This course is a high-level review of a Commercial Real Estate transaction from beginning to end. By the end of the class the student will have a good understanding of the different aspects of a commercial transaction and be able to discuss a transaction with a potential client.

Course Materials

Advance School of Real Estate, LLC will provide each student with a copy of course materials at the time of a completed registration.

Eligibility Requirements for Course Completion Certificate Per Commission Rule 58A .1705(a):

In order to receive credit for completing an approved continuing education course, a broker shall:

(1) attend at least 90 percent of the scheduled instructional hours for the course.

(2) provide his or her legal name and license number to the education provider.

(3) present his or her pocket card or photo identification card, if necessary; and

(4) personally perform all work required to complete the course.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition is to be paid online prior to the start of the course. If payment is declined, the student will not be able to participate in the class. All payments will be via Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex or Discover) for full tuition at the start of the course. Course tuition includes student course materials unless otherwise specified. Once registered and paid, the course materials will be emailed to the student. Yaeger Development Services, LLC does not accept checks or cash. All courses will be $65


Registration, Enrollment, and Conduct

To enroll in a course at Advance School of Real Estate, LLC, prospective students must enroll on-line at and complete the online registration form. Since classes will be held through synchronous distance learning through Zoom or Microsoft Teams, each student must use a computer, (no phones) with stable high-speed internet connection, webcam, and microphone capabilities to attend the course. If a student uses a phone or is found not to have a good connection or no webcam, they will be removed from the class. Students will not be allowed to be in a car during the class. If a student is in a car, they will be removed from the class. Being in a car or using a cell phone could result in dismissal of the class and there will be no credit for a future class or refund. At the beginning of the class each student must show active pocket card to the instructor or monitor before class begins or by the end of the first break.

Virtual Classroom

Attendance requirements will be monitored using Zoom/Microsoft Teams software. We recommend students download Zoom/Microsoft Teams and use a computer to access the course. Please sign on to the scheduled meeting fifteen (15) minutes prior to the start time of class to ensure proper connection. You will need to be logged into the session and visible for the duration of the class for us to know that you are present. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure they have reliable internet access for the duration of the course. Any time spent logged out of the course will count against your attendance. If the student runs into trouble, please contact technical support at 704.942.1477.


• Students in a synchronous distance learning CE Course must attend 90% of all scheduled instructional hours.

• Early departures from CE courses delivered in-person or via synchronous distance learning are prohibited by Rule 58A .1705.

• Attendance will be closely monitored, including late arrivals and early departures from class sessions and from all scheduled breaks, during synchronous distance learning courses. All time missed will be recorded for each student.


Course Cancellation or Rescheduling / Refunds

Yaeger Development Services, LLC reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a course as needed. Students enrolled in a rescheduled or cancelled course will be given a minimum 48 hours’ notice of the cancellation or revised course schedule. Tuition is non-refundable unless the course is cancelled prior to the start of any course and approved by the education provider.


Withdrawals and Transfers / Refunds

A student may withdraw from a course by giving written notice to the Education Provider prior to the start of the course. In such event, the student will have the following options: Transfer to a later, or different course. A student who terminates enrollment in a course either with written notice to the Education Provider or by no longer attending a course on or after the course start date will not be entitled to a refund of any portion of paid Tuition.


Student Conduct

Students are expected conduct themselves in a business professional manor. Any unacceptable student conduct could result in dismissal of the class and there will be no credit for a future class or refund. All students must be on time for the start of class (we suggest logging into the class 15 minutes before the start of the class) and back on time for each scheduled break. Cameras will be always on, except during breaks. There will be no sleeping, talking out of turn, surfing the internet, texting, making, or accepting phone calls, working on activities not connected to the course, etc.



If a student is discovered to be cheating in any manner, the student will be immediately dismissed, will receive a failing course grade, will not be eligible for any retake or makeup policies, and will be reported to the NC Real Estate Commission [per Commission Rule 58H .0203(h)].


Special Accommodations Request Procedure

Yaeger Development Services, LLC complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and strives to ensure that no individual with a disability as defined by the ADA is deprived of the opportunity to participate in a course. Students requesting special accommodations must notify the education provider 48 hours prior to the start of the course to make appropriate adjustments for the student. If the student does not notify the education provider, the provider is not responsible for issues or concerns not brought up prior to the class as noted above.

Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather classes will continue as scheduled as students are not required to travel for classes. If there is a national emergency, an evaluation will be determined if the class can continue. Students will be notified prior to class if there are any changes to the scheduled class in such an emergency.


Course Schedules

Course schedules are published separately from this Policies & Procedures Disclosure. Schedules are posted on the Education Provider’s website and are also available upon request. Unforeseen events such as weather, instructor illness, may cause Yaeger Development Services, LLC to reschedule a future course or alter the schedule of a course in progress. Yaeger Development Services, LLC will make a reasonable effort to accommodate the students and complete the course. Completion may require changes in dates, or instructor and the student is expected to abide by Education Provider’s attendance requirements.



Synchronous distance learning courses at Yaeger Development Services, LLC are open to enrolled students only. Enrolled students may not bring visitors to the class without prior approval by the Education Director.



I certify that the information contained in this Policies & Procedures Disclosure is true and correct and that Advance School of Real Estate, LLC will abide by the policies herein.

Chris Yaeger

Education Director


CERTIFICATION OF RECEIPT I certify that I received a copy of Advance School of Real Estate, LLC’s Policies & Procedures Disclosure prior to payment of any non-refundable course registration fee or tuition.

Education Provider

Acknowledge Review of Policies & Procedures

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